Innovative Fundraising Solutions (IFS) is an on-line fundraising company that helps organizations of all sizes, create effective, simple, exciting fundraisers to raise a significant amount of money in a short period of time. Leveraging technology and social networking, fundraising has never been easier for the organization, the donors or the participants. IFS provides the tools and support, fundraising has never been so easy!

No more inventory, delivery of product or door-to-door selling. Although there is nothing wrong with selling magazines, cookie dough, wrapping paper, etc. once you try IFS, you will never want to do a traditional fundraiser again!
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“We do not disclose, except as required by law, personal information, i.e., personal identifying and transactional information, collected during “normal and customary” fundraising activities. We do not RELEASE, SHARE, RENT, or SELL personal information to any outside or third party organization or company. All personal information is maintained and diligently protected at all times.”

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